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Historians of Netherlandish Art

Historians of Netherlandish Art is an international organization founded in 1983 to foster communication and collaboration among historians of Northern European art from medieval to modern times. Its membership comprises scholars, teachers, museum professionals, art dealers, publishers, book dealers, and collectors throughout the world. The art and architecture of the Netherlands (Dutch and Flemish), and of Germany and France, as it relates to the Netherlands, from about 1350 to 1750, forms the core of members' interests. Current membership includes around 700 individuals and 30 institutions and businesses.

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Renaissance Society of America

The Renaissance Society of America is the largest international learned society devoted to the study of the era 1300-1600. Founded in 1954, RSA has grown to include over 6,000 members around the world. Nearly thirty percent of them are outside North America. RSA’s members can be found especially at universities and other institutions of higher education as faculty, graduate students, and postgraduate students, as well as at museums, libraries, and cultural institutions; members also include independent scholars and many others interested in Renaissance studies. Members identify with one or more disciplinary groups.

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