The Antwerp triptych in Ringsaker Church, Norway
21 September 2020

Oslo-Ringsaker (No)

A message from the organisers:

Dear colleagues,

In these uncertain times when travels are to be avoided, we hope that our invitation to the webinar on the Antwerp altarpiece in Ringsaker church, Norway 21 September 2020, may serve as a consolation.

The altarpiece in Ringsaker is the only altarpiece in Norway known to have been produced by an Antwerp workshop. It arrived around 1530 and has been in the parish church since. Although Antwerp altarpiece share a wide range of features, the altarpiece in Ringsaker possess quite a few particularities that are well worth further engagement – and this webinar is an attempt to do so.

Conservators and art historians from Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium and the US who have worked with the Ringsaker altarpiece or other altarpieces from Antwerp and/or Brussels will present their recent findings.

Time for questions are allocated after each of the presentations.

The webinar is arranged as a cooperation between The Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research (NIKU), and University of Oslo, Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History, by senior Paintings Conservator/Researcher Tone M. Olstad and Art historian Ragnhild M. Bø responsible for the project «Image, Imitation, Indulgence: Netherlandish Altarpieces and Devotional Practices in Denmark-Norway, c.1480-1550»

The webinar is free to attend. All presentations are given in English. See the enclosed preliminary program.

Please sign up before 14 September HERE

The webinar will be run by Teams and each signed up participant will receive a link for attendance two to three days before the event.

For more information, please see here

Beste hilsen / all best wishes, Tone og Ragnhild


A colloquium arranged by Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research and Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History (Faculty of Humanities) at the University in Oslo, is planned 21.-22. September focusing on the Antwerp Triptych in Ringsaker church in Norway. The triptych is dated 1520-1530, has minor alterations and has been in the same medieval church since it was bought. It has by several art historians been compared with the triptych from Oplinter, and is included in the Wings and Links Project.

> read the preliminary program