New Directions in the Study of Medieval Sculpture
16 - 17 March 2018

Henry Moore Institute, Leeds, United Kingdom

The focus on the materiality of medieval sculpture has proven crucial to its study and has expanded our historical understanding of sculpture itself. Whether monumental relief sculpture in stone, wooden sculptures in the round, sculpted altarpieces, ivory plaques or enamelled reliquaries, the possibilities for research on medieval sculpture now extend far beyond the established canon.

Contemporary medieval sculpture studies have opened the field to comparative and inclusive research that embraces the social, performative, gendered and ritual uses of medieval sculpture. This two-day conference provides an opportunity for scholars and students to reflect on the field and ask how do we investigate medieval sculpture today and what might come ‘after’ materiality?

This two-day international conference assesses the state of the field of medieval sculpture, exploring new directions, approaches and technologies for research. The discussion-based format of the conference will provide an opportunity for conversation amongst delegates and speakers.

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