Der Deichsler Altar. Nürnberger Kunst um 1420
5 May - 23 October 2016

Germanische National Museum, Nürnberg, Germany

For years, researchers have puzzled over the functional context of the crucifixion group housed in the GNM, an outstanding work produced in Nuremberg in around 1400. Latest art history and art technology investigations and the recently completed restoration shed light and point to its erstwhile function and location. The crucifixion group formed the centrepiece of a winged altar in Nuremberg's Dominican Church donated by Berthold Deichsler shortly before 1419 and probably created directly thereafter.

The exhibition is dedicated to one of the most beautiful altar ensembles created at the start of the 15th century in the imperial city of Nuremberg, which is now spread over a number of different locations. It also focuses for the first time on the artistic milieu of the city in and around 1420. With key works of sculpture, pottery and panel painting, it resurrects one of the most important German centres of the Soft Style.

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