Michel Sittow in the North? Altarpieces in Dialogue
4 May - 5 November 2023

This exhibition in the Niguliste Museum brings together two masterpieces of the Late Middle Ages: the Passion Altarpiece in Tallinn and the Holy Kinship Altarpiece from Bollnäs in Sweden. The magnificent Holy Kinship Altarpiece is attributed to Michel Sittow’s (ca. 1469–1525) workshop in Tallinn. At about the same time, Sittow also painted the outer wings of the Passion Altarpiece, created in the Early Netherlandish painter Adriaen Isenbrandt’s workshop in Bruges. The exhibition explores the stories and meanings behind the two artworks in a broader context, comparing them with other contemporary artworks from Tallinn and nearby regions. The focus is on Sittow’s work in his home town and the role of Tallinn as an artistic centre in the Late Middle Ages.

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